We are a on a mission to change how the digital economy is changing Everything.


We are a creative research lab that helps responsible citizens and organisations make better decisions by using futures as tools to anticipate challenges and opportunities, while exploring the socio-ecological impacts of digital technologies and the internet(s) through collective learning initiatives, partnerships and commissioned projects.


To contribute in creative, collaborative and collective ways to the reimagination of the digital economy into climate-neutral, sustainable and plural ecosystems, encouraging solidarity and critical hope today, tomorrow and during the next billion seconds.

Because 🌍 is Everything.

APR 22 / 12PM CET
REMOTE / Tickets from €30 (Inc. recording)

Internet(s) of Everything : Earth Day Special

Join us for a special edition of the Internet(s) of Everything sessions featuring 3 conversations curated under the theme 'Designing for Regenerative (Inter)thinking', where we'll explore and discuss alternative world-views on socio-technical, media and living systems shaping life in Planet Earth.
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APR 21 / 5PM CET
REMOTE / For BSI members-only

What if? Salon 6: Planet Water, A World Wet Web

Join us for our Earth Day + BSI first anniversary salon, a members-only gathering where we will host a thought-provoking group discussion to challenge the role that terrestrial biases play in our perception of the watery world(s) and in the information technologies we are using to surf reality.
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IN-PERSON @ CDMX / Convocatoria abierta

Everython Latinoamérica @ Ciudad de México

Taller ofrecido en colaboración con SPACE10  

Qué pasaría si imagináramos colectivamente cómo la vida cotidiana en las principales ciudades latinoamericanas puede cambiar durante el próximo billón de segundos?  
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Recorded on September 2021 at Linz, AT

Watch the interview of IAM's co-founder on the Ars Electronica Channel

Learn more about our vision for the Billion Seconds Institute in this conversation between Andres Colmenares and Veronika Liebl, managing director of Ars Electronica.

We work and partner with organisations to help them scale their positive impact and cultural relevance, using futures as tools for collective imagination and better decision-making.


WeTransfer · BBC · Tate · NESTA · SPACE10 · University of Arts London · Red Bull · Mobile World Capital Foundation · ELISAVA ·


Client: NESTA (UK)

NGI Summit 2021

We co-produced the NGI Policy Summit for NESTA, which brought together some of the world’s leading internet researchers, policymakers and changemakers to discuss their bold visions for the future of the internet in a series of fireside chats now available to watch on-demand.
Partner: Centre for Investigative Journalism (UK)

CIJ x IAM: Open Lab

The Open Lab is a new initiative from The Centre for Investigative Journalism developed in collaboration with IAM that brings together a range of experiments at the intersection of journalism and the arts, including commissions and the Creative Investigations Database.

Partner: SPACE10 (DK)

SPACE10 x IAM: Everython Delhi

A collective learning experience during which an interdisciplinary group of guest mentors coming from fields such as design, art, journalism, tech and social innovation gathered to imagine how everyday life in Delhi might be like one billion seconds from now.

Client: Mobile World Capital Foundation (ES)

Strategic design of the Digital Future Society programme

The Mobile World Capital Foundation trusted us the strategic design of the Digital Future Society programme, including its strategic vision, governance structure and research agenda for a think tank, a social innovation lab and futures council.

Since 2021

The Billion Seconds Institute

The lifelong learning initiative to organise a network of specialists, advisors and communities of practice to reimagine the ways we understand and shape the mental, social and environmental impacts of the digital economy.

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Since 2015

IAM Weekend

The annual gathering for designers, researchers, strategists, artists, technologists, journalists looking to collectively rethink the futures of the internet(s).

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