About us

Lucy Black-Swan & Andres Colmenares, co-founders of IAM.
Photo: Jan Phoenix for Intern Magazine (2019)

IAM is a creative research lab founded by Lucy Black-Swan (Paris, 1986) and Andres Colmenares (Bogota, 1982) based in Barcelona. In close collaboration with a broad network of specialists, we help citizens and organisations make responsible decisions by using futures as tools to anticipate challenges and opportunities, while exploring the socio-ecological impacts of digital technologies and the internet(s) through collective learning initiatives, partnerships and commissioned projects.

Since 2015, we organise annual conferences, develop creative partnerships and design collaborative experiments, bringing together hundreds of designers, artists, strategists, researchers and policy makers, to share knowledge, exchange perspectives and collectively imagine better futures.

We also partner and work with foundations, cultural institutions, universities, creative tech companies, innovation labs and media organisations around the globe, including BBC, Tate, Mobile World Capital Foundation, Open Knowledge Foundation, WeTransfer, NESTA, Centre for Investigative Journalism, SPACE10, University of Arts London, Red Bull and Ableton.
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