Barcelona: November 11-13, 2021
Planet Earth: November 11-18, 2021
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What if we come together to reimagine the internet(s) as sustainable networks for solidarity and care?

Join the 7th annual gathering for mindful designers, researchers, strategists, artists, technologists, journalists and creative professionals looking to collectively envision sustainable futures for the internet(s).

Intercitizenships 🌍

What if enough citizens of Planet Earth encourage a paradigm shift from the individualism of a user-centric digital economy to the interdependence of sustainable ecosystems driven by responsibility and solidarity?

In other words, what if enough people collectively decide to become intercitizens?

Cultivating Responsible Tech for Climate Action and Justice

How can reframing the public/private dichotomy support a transition towards demonopolised, inclusive and digitally sober ecologies?

Key topics:
  • AI for Climate
  • Climate Tech
  • Public digital infrastructure
  • Twin Transition
  • Digital Sobriety
  • Digital sovereignty

Designing for Energy-Aware and Alternative Economies

How can digital design mindsets shift towards the natural intelligence of solar protocols and scale up an ecological worldview?

Key topics:
  • Sustainable interaction design
  • Degrowth and Decoupling
  • Regenerative Economies
  • Solarpunk
  • Energy-centered design

Storytelling and Reporting on the Environmental Emergency

How can transdisciplinary collaboration in science, media, design and journalism seed engaging narratives and foster solidarity while covering a transnational emergency?

Key topics:
  • Data journalism
  • Environmental  journalism
  • Disinformation
  • Climate Science Literacy

Envisioning together the Next Billion Seconds

How can artistic languages and cultural productions address the planetary crisis of imagination to seed long-term healing?

Key topics:
  • Long-term thinking
  • Alternative Fictions
  • Collective imaginations
  • More-than-human narratives
  • Plural Futurisms
  • Ancestral Wisdom

Let's internet together in Barcelona, or from home.

Expect an eclectic programme of talks, conversations and workshops designed to help you exchange and broaden perspectives on the most relevant socio-ecological matters shaping digital cultures in the 2020s.

A community-oriented alternative for curious minds

IAM Weekend is open to mindful professionals who want to join a collective conversation about the mental, social and environmental impacts of digital technologies on Planet Earth and a growing community that cares about the futures of the internet(s).

If you find yourself in any of the following questions then IAMW21 is for you:

For Service, Product and Interaction Designers

Are you looking to expand your critical thinking with new perspectives that go beyond design echo chambers?

For Trend Forecasters and Strategists

Are you looking to contextualise cultural insights emerging across industries and regions?

For Technologists or Digital Innovation teams

Are you looking to better understand the implications and possibilities of working with emerging technologies?

For Journalists, Policy Analyst or Researchers

Are you looking for new perspectives that provide alternative ways to understand the relationships between the digital economy and the environmental emergency?

For Artists and Cultural Producers

Are you looking for collaborators and fresh inspiration for your projects, as well as more ways to enhance the social value of your practice?

Tickets & Rewards

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Flexible ticket pricing

As a non-profit, indie initiative, we mostly rely on the support of ticket-holders to make the event happen. Flexible ticket pricing allows supporters to contribute more if they want, while keeping the price as accessible as possible for a broader range of professionals.


A collective research & learning initiative

Since 2015 we have been using the conference format as a medium to cultivate a community-oriented alternative to industry-driven events, exploring the coevolution of the internet, digital technologies and society through speculative research themes.
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IAM Weekend 21 is a independent and non-profit initiative made possible thanks to the support of ticket holders, patrons and the following organisations and partners:

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