A collective research & learning initiative

Between 2015-2021 we used  the conference format as a medium to cultivate a community-oriented alternative to industry-driven events, exploring the coevolution of the internet, digital technologies and society through speculative research themes.
Recap video of the 2019 edition

More than a conference

Originally created as a collective research and learning initiative, IAM Weekend has been using the conference format as a medium to cultivate a unique ecosystem of people, collectives and organisations where alternative ways of thinking, connecting and doing emerge.

For 7 years we have been cultivating a community-oriented alternative to the industry-driven events about the internet and digital technologies dominated by the individualistic narratives of big data extraction corporations, tech bros and venture capital.

As an independent non-profit initiative, IAM Weekend has been able to become a platform for the emerging voices challenging those narratives and a safe space for discussions and experiments fostering values such as plurality, long-term thinking and critical hope.

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