Campus Overview


The Campus is the metaphorical name for this digital platform that we will use to organise as a collective learning network of communities of practice to reimagine together the ways we understand and shape the mental, social and environmental impacts of the digital economy.

In other words, the Campus is a tool, a context and, in many ways, a representation of a shared mental space where we can learn together how to become intercitizens.

Who is the Campus for?
The Campus also refers to a metaphorical nexus of private, ever-evolving and safe spaces that are created for (and developed with) members, collaborators, learners and advisors of The Billion Seconds Institute.

What is the Campus for?
In practice, this platform is a social knowledge hub with a set of spaces (listed on the left column), each serving a specific purpose.


Intercitizens Agora is the discussion forum and archive of our upcoming weekly newsletter.


Ubuntu Café is the social hub for open discussions, sharing advice, asking for feedback or recommending links, books, projects, etc.

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