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IAM Weekend 21 > Call for proposals

Call for proposals

Update (11/10/2021)
After evaluating the results of the public review, attendee survey and the programme committee feedback, we are glad to announce the selected proposals for the IAM Weekend 21 programme:

💭 'Design for Post-Capitalism' by Andra Bria
💭 'Digital Archaeological Dig' by Anna Smeragliuolo
💭 'The Impact Cooperative' by Jonas Matthias Haefele
💭 'Becoming Earthly' by Clément Rames
💭 'Symbiotic Creativity' by Malü Duque and Rūta Danyte
💭 'Self Cities' by Klara Blazek
💭 'Designing Policies for Sustainable Futures' by With Company
💭 'Autonomous Trees' by Krzysztof Wronski
💭 'Last Stop, Babel Harbour' by Victoria Plasteig
💭 'A Future Urban Model as a Self-Regulatory Biological Organism' by Lina Dovydenaite
💭 'The Emperor's New Clothes' by Digital Maker Collective
💭 'How To Stop Doing' by Invisible
💭 'Building a Nation Without Borders' by Food Design Nation

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Selection Process

Step 1: Submissions 
All submissions should be made via the submission form before September 16th, 2021 at 10PM (PDT)

Step 2: Review and selection 
The IAM Weekend 21 programme committee will review all the submitted proposals and preselect a group of finalists. Every applicant will be informed via email whether their proposal is or isn’t preselected by September 30th, 2021.

Step 3: Open review & voting
The preselected proposals will be published on the event website for an open review & voting period from September 27th to October 7th, 2021, including  IAM Weekend 21 ticket holders and the wider public who will be asked to pick their favourite 3 proposals for each category.

Step 4: Final evaluation
The IAM Weekend 21 programme committee – an advisory board of past speakers, partners and specialists led by the IAM co-directors – will evaluate the final proposals and the results of the public review & voting.

The final decision will be made based on the following percentages:
30% – Public votes
30% – Ticket holder votes
40% – IAM Weekend 21 Programme Committee

This split will allow us to make sure that less well-known perspectives have as much of a chance as being selected to participate at IAM Weekend 21 as individuals or organisations with many followers. 

Step 5: Line-up announcement
The line-up for IAM Weekend 21 including the results of this call for proposals, will be announced on October 11th, 2021 on the event website and IAM social channels.

What happens if your proposal is preselected?

If your proposal is preselected, we will contact you before September 27th and ask you to validate a public version of the proposal for the open review & voting stage.

Review Criteria

All submitted proposals will be reviewed with the following criteria:

1. Relevance to the event theme 
2. How interesting it would be to IAM Weekend participants who come  from a broad spectrum of cultures, professional backgrounds and career stages.
3. Shareability and reach before and after the event.
4. Uniqueness of the proposal, including the perspectives it incorporates and the  innovative ways it plays with format.
5. Engagement and interaction with participants.

Proposals with a commercial nature or transactional intentions are welcome as long they explicitly address the theme and financially support the event.
If your organisation is interested in learning more about partnership opportunities please contact us.

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IAM Weekend 21 > Call for proposals

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