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Planet Earth: November 11-18, 2021
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Call for proposals

Call for proposals for Individuals, Collectives and Organisations is now closed.

We are looking for proposals for remote and in-person presentations, workshops and other formats to become part of the programme for Barcelona and Planet Earth editions, coming from individuals, groups or organisations from across diverse disciplines, cultures, career stages and ages.

Proposals can address the key questions of any of the four tracks of our research theme –Imagining Intercitizenships– in creative, collaborative, critical, plural, experimental and constructive ways, sharing perspectives, methods, tools, questions, stories, existing or upcoming projects or relevant case studies.

Who can apply?

We have two categories of application profiles:

Choose this option if you are submitting a proposal as an individual or on behalf of any kind of independent collective that is not registered as an organisation or associated with an existing one.

Choose this option if you are submitting a proposal on behalf of or representing any type of organisation (a university, foundation, cultural institution, company, start-up, agency, design studio, publication etc.)

This call is also open to organisations that want to support this initiative by developing partnerships with IAM to co-produce creative experiments, publications, side events or other special projects that can take place during or after the main event.

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We are looking for proposals of remote and in-person presentations, workshops and alternative formats for IAM Weekend 21.

Here more details of the possible formats:

(5-20 minutes/ in-person or remote)
We are looking for talks that present stories, research, projects, case studies, reflections, provocations, simulations, experiments, initiatives, visions with a critically optimistic outlook. Remember, we are not looking for professional speakers, but for interesting and relevant perspectives and stories. And we want to avoid presentations that feel like ‘TED talks’ 😉.

(60-120 minutes/in-person or remote)
We are looking for interactive sessions that could follow a variety of formats, but are hands-on, engaged and interactive. They should work well with  groups of 20-30 participants and should be designed as a collective learning experience, ideally with the intention of a collective output that can be shared openly after the event.

We are also to proposals that doesn’t fit in the above formats, such as installations, experiments, participatory art projects, screenings, demos, performances or any other kind of content creation around the event’s research theme(videos, digital art, editorial projects, podcasts). Keep in mind that the intention of this call for proposals is to showcase projects rather than producing them, as currently we do not have a production budget available for this. Preselected proposals that require additional budget to cover any related cost will be analysed and discussed with the creators.


The 5 main guidelines are:

1. All proposals should clearly address one (or more) of the theme research tracks and ideally one (or more) of the key questions mentioned in The Everything Manifesto.

2. We encourage proposals that focus on collaboration, participatory approaches and a plurality of perspectives. Please consider submitting proposals that stand for underrepresented voices.

3. As an independent non-profit event, IAM Weekend has a very limited travel budget and will only be able to cover travel costs for a few participants. Your proposal will have more chances of being selected if you can cover your travel costs and therefore we also welcome proposals that actively use the internet (i.e. remote presentations using video conference platforms or pre-recorded videos). 

4. We are looking for proposals that also reach people beyond the 3 days of the event in  Barcelona. Please include details of how materials/activities related to your proposal can be shared openly after IAM Weekend 21.

5. If your proposal has multiple authors, actors or collaborators, you will need to indicate one person to act as the main point of contact and include a letter or declaration of intent from the others.

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Selection Process

Step 1: Submissions 
All submissions should be made via the submission form before September 16th, 2021 at 10PM (PDT)

Step 2: Review and selection 
The IAM Weekend 21 programme committee will review all the submitted proposals and preselect a group of finalists. Every applicant will be informed via email whether their proposal is or isn’t preselected by September 30th, 2021.

Step 3: Open review & voting
The preselected proposals will be published on the event website for an open review & voting period from September 27th to October 7th, 2021, including  IAM Weekend 21 ticket holders and the wider public who will be asked to pick their favourite 3 proposals for each category.

Step 4: Final evaluation
The IAM Weekend 21 programme committee – an advisory board of past speakers, partners and specialists led by the IAM co-directors – will evaluate the final proposals and the results of the public review & voting.

The final decision will be made based on the following percentages:
30% – Public votes
30% – Ticket holder votes
40% – IAM Weekend 21 Programme Committee

This split will allow us to make sure that less well-known perspectives have as much of a chance as being selected to participate at IAM Weekend 21 as individuals or organisations with many followers. 

Step 5: Line-up announcement
The line-up for IAM Weekend 21 including the results of this call for proposals, will be announced on October 11th, 2021 on the event website and IAM social channels.

What happens if your proposal is preselected?

If your proposal is preselected, we will contact you before September 27th and ask you to validate a public version of the proposal for the open review & voting stage.

Review Criteria

All submitted proposals will be reviewed with the following criteria:

1. Relevance to the event theme 
2. How interesting it would be to IAM Weekend participants who come  from a broad spectrum of cultures, professional backgrounds and career stages.
3. Shareability and reach before and after the event.
4. Uniqueness of the proposal, including the perspectives it incorporates and the  innovative ways it plays with format.
5. Engagement and interaction with participants.

Proposals with a commercial nature or transactional intentions are welcome as long they explicitly address the theme and financially support the event.
If your organisation is interested in learning more about partnership opportunities please contact us.

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Submit your proposal

UPDATE (17/09/21)
Submissions are now closed. We'll be announcing soon the finalists.

To submit your proposal follow these steps:

1. Review the submission form and collect the required info

2. Define your proposal outline, keeping in mind you will need to write a title and a short description that help us understand what you have in mind. Only if your proposal is preselected will we ask you for more details.

3. When you’re ready, submit your proposal using the form below.

Choose your profile to open the submission form:

Remember we will only evaluate proposals that are submitted through this form before 10PM (PDT) of September 16th, 2021.

IAM Weekend 21 > Call for proposals

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