Barcelona: November 11-13, 2021
Planet Earth: November 11-18, 2021
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Building a Nation Without Borders

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Planet Earth


A panel discussion with 5-6 different Food Design Nation intercitizens: from parliament members to ambassadors, event hosts, supporters and collaborators, as well as the founders. We plan to host a fiery discussion online, in the spirit of an action to reimagine our shared sense of identity as humans, in relation to the digitalised society we are all sharing.

Food Design Nation resonates with the vision of the Everything Manifesto, particularly with the hypothetical questions of Decisions, Scale, Learning, and Time. These are closely related to our core values, being Global, Shaping Futures, and Collaborative. We foresee the potential of borderless digital collaboration in order to have a tangible, long-lasting impact on the current food system.

Acting beyond boundaries and borders, connecting people from all over the world, FDN welcomes transdisciplinary professionals no matter which industry and area of expertise they come from, offering opportunities to learn, discover, share and collaborate.

At FDN, we believe and invest in collective growth, offering different kinds of events to learn from and with each other, to find ways of connecting, collaborating, teaching, etc.

Together, thinking long-term, we are here to shape the futures of food, collectively using all the human resources that we as a community centered around food, design, and sustainability bring together.

About Food Design Nation:
We are one of the world's largest growing communities of transdisciplinary creatives collaborating to redefine global food systems. We design frameworks for the most pressing and complex edible challenges, centered around culture, history, and its relationship with food, arts, and design. By providing spaces for reflection and dialogue, we feed intellectual beauty by documenting proposals and activities through periodical publications. We use food as a language without borders to integrate planet-driven values at our core practices.

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Jashan Sippy and Nicole Vindel


Co-founders, Food Design Nation