Barcelona: November 11-13, 2021
Planet Earth: November 11-18, 2021
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The Impact Cooperative

Planet Earth


From “someone must” to “we did” - How can we take the emotional overwhelm out of planetary justice?

We explore how crowd-sourced change initiatives can help us go from woke justice warrior to switched-on change maker. Because war is exhausting, and small wins add up to big impact.

This proposal has two parts:

1. A personal story of how trying too hard to make 100% ethical choices can stop you from doing anything. Last year I decided to cut the big 3 of toxic tech out of my life. Facebook, Google and Amazon. It’s both easier than you think and nothing like I expected. This is a 5-10 min talk sharing insights I gained from the above challenge and priming us to go deeper and explore solutions in the workshop.

2. The workshop. Where the magic happens. Because emergence can’t happen in isolation change comes from community. (click on Extended Info to get all the workshop details)

In the workshop we’ll explore how we can allow anyone to find small ways to “do the right thing”. The right thing for you and the causes you most believe in. Currently that involves signing up to a lot of petitions and newsletters, getting bombarded with calls to action and even more (often unrelated) causes. That leads to total emotional overwhelm and ultimately capitulation.

What can I do?

We’ll use the metaphor of a tree nursery to explore new ways of facilitating social change and impact.

There are many species of trees and there are many urgent causes. But not all trees grow well together and single person can’t tackle all the causes. So we’re drawing a map, clustering causes and how they are related.

How can we help people find “their cause”?

You can rip out weeds, trim the trees, water them, … planetary justice and societal change need many different skills and involve many different tasks. Some people have time, some have money, some have knowledge or connections. All are equally important.

How can we create a taxonomy of actions that helps people find ways to get engaged?

Going from me to we. Can we create a positive feedback loop by creating an accountability framework. A happy one. From scouts to running clubs and AA meetings, the group has this magical power to give perspective and motivation, while keeping individuals accountable.

How can we create thousands of campfires - both virtual and IRL - to gather around, soothe our worries, make plans and share our success stories?

We’ll wrap up with an interactive round of lightening presentations and try to identify ideas that we get excited by, some that our neighbors might like and those our parents might get on board with. Because real change touches everyone.

Can we create the Amazon of planetary justice? The Deliveroo of “What can I do?” or are we able to create a whole new concept based on ancestral wisdom and modern technology?


Jonas Matthias Haefele


Designer, Techie, Yogi