Barcelona: November 11-13, 2021
Planet Earth: November 11-18, 2021
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  • Barcelona edition
  • Workshop host

Dr Romy Gad el Rab

Psychiatrist and researcher at Hyphen-Labs

Dr Romy Gad el Rab is a Psychiatrist, and clinical research fellow at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King's College London. She is interested in the condition of the human mind and the effects of technology on our mental health. Having trained in both medicine and Design she works on projects that examine the human impact of the design process. She is a resident at Somerset House Studios as part of Hyphen-Labs, an international team of artists, engineers, scientists and architects, creating at the intersection of art and emerging technology and with Hyphen-Labs has been a creative producer for projects at Somerset House, and the Tate.

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