Barcelona: November 11-13, 2021
Planet Earth: November 11-18, 2021
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Kalyani Tupkary


Kalyani Tupkary is a hybrid designer and researcher from India currently living in the USA. She holds a B.Des. from the National Institute of Design, India and an MFA (Design and Technology) from Parsons School of Design, USA. As a designer from a previously colonized country, Kalyani uses ordinary objects to unfold alternate histories and marginalized futures that otherwise remain in the unexplored nooks of our everyday world. An anti-disciplinary designer who draws, solders, stitches and plays with pixels. Kalyani is not a specialist. Instead, she inhabits the fuzzier overlap between craft, design and technology. Her process starts by steeping in history and rooting in research to unravel the values knotted in our default worldview. She thinks through making, always with others, playing with the materiality of alternate worlds through code, analogue, digital drawing and electronic textiles.

Kalyani conducts unconventional investigations to create artifacts as portals to alternate worlds. These artifacts then become tools for dreaming up new ways of seeing our world. As a critical yet optimistic designer, she employs technology to fulfill poetic needs.

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