Barcelona: November 11-13, 2021
Planet Earth: November 11-18, 2021
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Kristina Thiele

Member of Digital Maker Collective

Kristina Thiele is a Co-founder of artsXR, an immersive production studio in London, UK and associate lecturer at the University of the Arts London, UK. She is a Spatial Designer and VR immersive experience creative with a background in photography; intrigued by digital innovation, pushing technological boundaries in the field of spatial design and bringing it to the 21st century. Currently focussed on challenging the audio-visual language of the Immersive Web and VR in general to gain new perspectives on the aesthetics and nature of immersive content. As a co-founder of a new immersive studio pushing their key strategic objective engaging with global cultural arts organisations, museums and institutions developing projects which challenge geographical, financial and political barriers especially in challenging pandemic times post 2020. As well as consulting arts and fashion clients on clean NFT and the emerging cryptoart market within the metaverse.

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