Barcelona: November 11-13, 2021
Planet Earth: November 11-18, 2021
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Ruth Catlow

Co-Founding Artistic Director, Furtherfield

Ruth Catlow is co-founding artistic director of Furtherfield, a networked cultures expert and a recovering net-utopian. Furtherfield is London’s longest-running (de)centre for art and technology whose mission is to disrupt and democratise through deep exploration, open tools and free-thinking. Catlow has spent 20 years exploring games, and more recently Live Action Role Play as a way of engaging people's imaginations and expertise across silos, around emerging technologies and the wicked social and political problems they give rise to or intensify. Her artistic practice and curatorial work at Furtherfield have focused on critical investigations of digital and networked technologies and their emancipatory potential. Catlow is the founder of DECAL Decentralised Arts Lab crowdsourcing R&D by leading artists, using blockchain and web 3.0 technologies for fairer, more dynamic and connected cultural ecologies and economies. She is also PI at the Blockchain Lab at the Serpentine Galleries R&D Platform.

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