Barcelona: November 11-13, 2021
Planet Earth: November 11-18, 2021
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Temporal Awakening For An Ever-Changing Era

Hosted by Gustavo Nogueira
Founder at Torus Time Lab

Our relationship with time affects us in every dimension, in every event. We will provide thoughtful frameworks about time perception and long-term thinking for online projects and initiatives that want to stay in sync with the temporalities of the planet.

The perception of 'not having time’ is not just an individual issue, it is an essential structural concern within Western societies that needs to be addressed as a sociopolitical issue on a global scale. South Korean author Byung-Chul Han calls it "Dyschronia”.

We are unsynchronized from ourselves. As written by the German sociologist Hartmut Rosa, we are facing three dimensions of the acceleration: the well known technological one, but also the acceleration of social change and the acceleration in the pace of life. Traveling back, it started in the 15th century with the desynchronization between the social construct of time and the natural rhythms.

As said by English sociologist Mumford Lewis “It was the clock and not the steam engine the defining machine of the modern Industrial age". A cycle that affects every aspect of our lives, causing pressure that demands you to be productive and commercially competitive even during a global pandemic crisis. That avoids the collective work we all need to do in face of the climate emergency. Meanwhile, the tools and systems created to help us think the future were used to perpetrate the status quo. Futurism became technocapitalism. The currency of our time is not longer a currency but time itself. How do we think about the future if we are so exhausted from the present?

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