Internet(s) of Everything

A conversation about power and independent publishing, exploring which stories get told and why, and the roles of print and digital.

With Maya Moumne, co-founder of Journal Safar and Marius Sosnowski, managing editor at Dispatches Magazine. Moderated by Steven Watson, founder of Stack Magazines.

Guest bios

Maya Moumne

Maya Moumne (b. 1987) is a graphic designer by trade, based between Beirut and Montreal. She is the co-founder of Studio Safar, Journal Safar, and Al Hayya Magazine, of which she is also the editor-in-chief. She once read that Homo sapiens is the only species in all of nature that responds with hate to homosexuality.


Marius Sosnowski

Marius Sosnowski is managing editor at Dispatches Magazine. Following stints at universities in Warsaw and London, he has explored the written word through its many different forms—as fiction, song, poetry, drama, film, and criticism—across a variety of cities and regions. He lives in Los Angeles, California.


Steven Watson

Steven Watson runs Stack, the service that searches out the best independent magazines and delivers them to thousands of readers around the world every month. Before starting Stack, Steven was an editorial director working with brands including Google, the World Economic Forum and PlayStation.


Presented in partnership with Stack Magazines

Stack launched in 2008 as a magazine club that helps people to discover the best independent publishing – they deliver a different independent magazine every month to thousands of readers around the world. Ten years later they added an online shop, which brings together video reviews, podcast interviews, magazine overviews and lots of sample spreads to create the best independent magazine shop on the internet.

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