Internet(s) of Everything

Session 7 : Earth Day Special
April 22, 2022. 12:00-18:00 CET

3 conversations curated under the theme 'Designing for Regenerative (Inter)thinking', where we'll explore and discuss alternative world-views on socio-technical, media and living systems shaping life in Planet Earth.

Guest bios

Alice Yuan Zhang 张元

Alice Yuan Zhang 张元 is a Chinese-American media artist, researcher, and cultural strategist. Her transdisciplinary practice bridges ecology and technology through ancestral remembering, liberatory pedagogy, and networked solidarity. Her current investigation is focused on the materiality of digital infrastructures across theory and praxis, in residency with 0x Salon and Alice is the founding steward of virtual care lab, a 2020-21 CultureHub resident artist, and community member of NAVEL Los Angeles. She has taught Media Studies for Performance at Sarah Lawrence College and facilitated dozens of lectures and workshops across major public institutions as well as grassroots cultural spaces.

Photo credit: Brandon Chau.
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Jerome Tavé

Jerome Tavé is an artist and co-founder of 10th Floor Studio, a creative group working across disciplines and media, to create conceptual art installations and object concepts. Jerome also has a background in design and has worked as an interaction designer for a variety of companies and design groups, in addition to teaching in the Web & New Media program at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Over the last 5 years, Jerome has incorporated fungi as a central part of his work. By experimenting with materials, and presenting them in new ways, Jerome hopes to explore narratives for new futures, while creating awareness and mindfulness around ecology.

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Kyle Lawson

Kyle Lawson (he/they) is an artist and designer exploring intersections of regenerative agriculture, ecosystem restoration, and conceptual art. Along with Jerome Tavé, Kyle is a co-founder of 10th Floor Studio, a creative group working across disciplines and media. Kyle is also the co-creator and Technical and Creative Director of Soil Centric, a not-for-profit connecting people to land based climate action. Kyle is a certified sheep shearer and lover of natural fiber.

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Teresa Inés Cruz

Teresa Inés Cruz is a Colombian American researcher, designer, futurist, and social entrepreneur who works at the intersection of Pluriversal (decolonized) Futures, Indigenous and Ancestral Wisdom from the Global South, and Deep Ecology.

She is the founder of Mama Pacha, a Latin American think tank consultancy that builds convergences between various ways of knowing and being and invites organizations, practitioners, and citizens into a new dialogue of relation and human possibilities. Through her work as a thought partner, she guides dialogues and spaces that explores alternative understandings that seeks to recover the relationship between humans, our connection to the land, and with non-human companions.

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Kriti Sharma

Kriti Sharma, PhD, is a microbiologist at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), where she currently studies microbes at the bottom of the ocean. She is the author of the book Interdependence: Biology and Beyond, which has inspired engagements in wide-ranging contexts, from ecology, to theology, to Black feminist liberatory practice, and more.

Currently, Kriti is co-writing (with Drs. Arturo Escobar and Michal Osterweil) a book that asks, 'If we took seriously the premise that all things are radically interdependent, what would we design and create in our world — here in the midst of the intersecting and escalating social and ecological crises of the 21st Century — and how?'


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