Internet(s) of Everything

A conversation around the ways we can be generous with our curiosity online, and how that can ultimately strengthen networks of solidarity, sustainability, and care.

Featuring Shannon Mattern, Mindy Seu and Dan Taeyoung, moderated by Meg Miller.

Guest bios

Shannon Mattern

Shannon Mattern is Professor at The New School. Her writing and teaching focus on media architectures and infrastructures and spatial epistemologies. She has written books about libraries, maps, and urban intelligence, and she contributes a column about urban data and mediated spaces to Places Journal.

Mindy Seu

Mindy Seu is a designer and researcher who joined the faculty of California College of the Arts in 2016, and Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts and Yale’s School of Art in 2019. She continues to build the Cyberfeminism Index, which was commissioned by Rhizome and presented at the New Museum in 2020.
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Dan Taeyoung

Dan Taeyoung is a learner, teacher, spatial designer, technologist, and artist. He teaches at Columbia University GSAPP, is a founding member of Soft Surplus (a community space for making and learning near each other), the Cybernetics Library, an artist-run library focused on socio-technological systems, and a former co-founder of Prime Produce (an intentional community for social good).
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Meg Miller

Meg Miller is a writer and editor living in Berlin. She’s contributed writing to The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Creative Independent, The Serving Library, and other web and print publications, mostly about the ways design, art, language, and technology shape culture and society. She handles all things editorial for
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