Internet(s) of Everything

A roundtable discussion on organising in the tech industry, advocating within and outside of institutions, and building community as workers to make change.

With Emily Chao, Lexi Galantino, Matt Zhou, Nichelle Hall, Willy Solis and Yindi Pei. Moderated by Xiaowei Wang.

Guest bios

Emily Chao

Emily is a reformed Trust and Safety engineer now turned public interest and civic technologist, currently working on behavioral nudging tools to influence departments of corrections to move towards decarceration. They are currently also embarking on a critical writing project to distill why Trust and Safety as an industry mechanism is not effective for protecting and reflecting community values online.
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Lexi Galantino

Lexi Galantino (she/her) is a senior software engineer and activist who is passionate about the safety of marginalized folks, be it on the Internet or elsewhere.

Her professional career so far has traversed the spectrum of social interaction online, from first working to prevent the very worst the internet has to offer and nudging people towards good online citizenship, to now fostering healthy and productive discussions and starting to think about what “fun” in an online community might look like. In addition to her 9-5, she has just started exploring what it looks like to organize with other activists for change, particularly to fight homelessness and support unhoused individuals.

Matt Zhou

Matt Zhou is a senior data engineer at VillageMD where he focuses on data platform stewardship, fostering better engineering culture, and building responsible machine learning systems.

He graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in anthropology and with several years of experience in statistical impact assessment in healthcare spaces. Afterward, he completed a Master’s in Public Health from Columbia University specializing in healthcare informatics. Matt previously worked at the New York Times as a data engineer on their core data platform team. He likes to spend his time writing about algorithmic accountability, fostering bunnies, and getting involved in local organizing communities in Chicago.
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Nichelle Hall

Nichelle grew up outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but now lives in Oakland, California. She works as a software engineer at Medium on the Trust and Safety team where she focuses on eliminating spam and harassment from the platform.

Recently, Nichelle has been thinking a lot about how to educate kids and teens about internet safety in a relevant and interesting way. She is curious about tiktok, language acquisition, her relationship to work, and cooking vegan recipes that genuinely taste good (not just good for vegan food).  She loves to watch reality t.v and pause every five minutes to give commentary.

Willy Sollis

Willy Solis is a Shipt Shopper from the Dallas Texas Metroplex. Willy has a background in construction and has run his own business since 2008.

In 2019, Willy began working as a Shipt Shopper and began grassroots organizing his fellow Shipt Shoppers in January 2020 when Shipt implemented a devastating pay cut. In February, he formalized a relationship with Gig Workers Collective where he has functioned as the lead organizer for Shipt Shoppers nationally. Organizing successes include securing PPE for hundreds of thousands of Shipt Shoppers, and the repayment of hundreds of thousands of dollars in misappropriated tips. Willy has partnered with organizations such as Human Rights Watch, MIT, and Coworker on generative worker-centric research and data about the gig economy. Willy is passionate about building worker power, policy, social and economic justice.

In the past year, Willy’s work has been covered by Time Magazine, Dallas Morning News, NY Times, LA Times, BBC, Boston Globe, and Thomson Reuters. He has been profiled by NPR and The Hill.

Yindi Pei

Yindi is first and foremost a weaver and secondly a creator. Their paid work consists of design and instruction; however, Yindi spends most of their time thinking deeply about rest and desires to cultivate caring communities on rematriated land.
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Xiaowei Wang

Xiaowei Wang is a writer, artist and researcher. The Creative Director at Logic Magazine, they currently spend their time stewarding Logic School, an organizing school for tech workers.

Presented in partnership with Logic Magazine

Logic is a print magazine about technology that publishes three times per year, with a small digital footprint.
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